Blues in Town

International Festival



  • Visual Designer
  • Creative Director


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign


  • One designer (me)


  • From: March 2018
  • To: July 2018


The mission of the Festival is to create a moment of cultural, artistic, social growth of the community through a path of aggregation shared with the community, with its institutional, economic, social and artistic realities aimed at promoting music as a moment of individual growth. and collective.

The goal of the realization of the “BLUES IN TOWN” event, a thematic event with a strong tourist value, is to enhance the knowledge of the territory, culture, history and regional traditions, thus expressing the cultural characteristics in a creative and original way , environmental, artistic, food and wine of the Basilicata Region, through the realization of an event strongly characterized by music.

All this is made possible through the cooperation and aggregation between public and private entities operating in different fields and sectors, driven by the desire to create integrated offers aimed at enhancing the sources of attraction and peculiarities, at strengthening knowledge and image of the reference territory and of the entire region.

Concepts, Sketching & Design

Blues in Town 2018
Blues in Town 2018 Billboard
Poster Blues in Town 2018
T-shirt Blues in Town